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Do your best while remembering your self-worth is not determined by how much you’ve accomplished today.Your best is enough.



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Hum@nimal II.

Just like in the wildlife documentaries how the ‘Kenyan Maasai Mara’ lions tend to connect with their close ones, whether it’s for mating and having a family they too tend to have their own tastes, who no like better thing? The interested male mates must fight their way up to the ladies heart! That’s theContinue reading “Hum@nimal II.”


I dunno if this is scientific, historic or not yet to be discovered! I mean is there any connection between us and the animals. Biblically man was created after the animals and creatures that abide with us on earth. But man was later of given authority over the animals, to name them and take careContinue reading “Hum@nimal”

My whisker god!

Originally posted on THIS IS HOW I FEEL:
His name is CHEETAH! So loyal. Haha! This may sound absurd, I came across these Snapchat pics of our family cat just the other day on my phone and I’ve been reminiscing like really how? I kinda hate my mind sometimes, its so hard being a Virgo!…

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